• A cubcake, a cup with brushes and a trophy with a charry on top
  • A cubcake, a cup with brushes and a trophy with a charry on top
  • A cubcake, a cup with brushes and a trophy with a charry on top
  • A cubcake, a cup with brushes and a trophy with a charry on top
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Motorized Actuators

Motors offer excellent controllability and are therefore used as the drive sources equipment. In many cases, a motor is combined with various mechanical components belt-and-pulley, and rack-and-pinion, to convert the motor rotation to a different the equipment. Oriental Motor has various motorized actuators consisting of a motor assembled mechanical components, to meet the various needs of automated devices.

EZ limo ELS Series EZ limo ELS Series The ELS Series is a family of motorized linear slides that utilizes EZ-Drive technology. A compact, lightweight body as well as low-cost were achieved by adopting a ball screw and LM guide frame structure.
EZ limo EZSII Series EZ limo EZSII Series This series offers easy operation and achieves greater performance for more efficient positioning of the motorized linear slides.
The compact design also facilitates easy installation and wiring into your equipment.
EZ Limo EZSII Series for Clean Room Use EZ limo EZSII Series for Clean Room Use The EZSII Series for Clean Room Use is a product designed with the same level of function and performance as the EZSII Series but is ideal for clean room environment.
EZ limo ELC Series EZ limo ELC Series The ELC Series is a family of motorized cylinders that utilizes EZ-Drive technology. These compact, lightweight motorized cylinders adopt an aluminum rod. They produce high thrust force but are affordably priced.
EZ Limo EZA Series EZ limo EZA Series These motorized cylinders have a built-in LM guide.Greater ease of use and improved performance are realized with a compact body. These motorized cylinders do not require any external guide mechanism such as a guide.
DRS Series DRS Series These compact motorized linear actuators are integrally designed with a stepping motor adopting αSTEP technology and a linear motion mechanism.
They achieve high-resolution, highly accurate multipoint positioning and variable speed operation, while saving installation space.
DRL Series DRL Series In the compact linear actuator DRL Series, the drive mechanism adopts a 5-phase stepping motor with ball screw. This series achieves highly accurate positioning in a space saving design.
DG Series DG Series A hollow rotary actuator featuring a hollow output table that allows large-inertia tables or arms to be installed directly. The actuator uses an  αSTEP motor adopting closed loop control. Highly accurate positioning can be performed while keeping the user-friendly features of a stepping motor intact.